English Interviews


Lollipop – “Mabura No Ura” Archive

Austin Chronicle – Farewell, Boris (2007) Archive

Exclaim! – “Boris’ Atsuo” (2008) Archive

Psychopedia (Republished) – “Psychopedia Interview: Boris” (2008) Archive


New Times SLO – “This is the song that never ends” (2011) Archive

Giant Robot – “Giant Robot Interview” (2011) Archive


Echoes and Dust – (((O))) : INTERVIEW: BORIS (2014) Archive


Invisible Oranges – “Interview: Takeshi (Boris)” Archive

The Japan Times – “Rock act Boris and noise musician Merzbow attempt an interactive experiment on ‘Gensho'” Archive


She Shreds – “Wata of Boris on Aesthetics, Gear, and 25 Years of Sonic Expression” Archive

Bandcamp Daily – “For Boris, “Heavy” is a State of Being” Archive


ATTN:Magazine – “Interview: Boris” Archive


Consequence of Sound – “Boris Guitarist Wata Is as Quiet as She Is Loud …” Archive

New Noise Magazine – “Music Has Become The Prayer Of Our Daily Lives”. Japanese Band Boris On The New Album ‘LφVE & EVφL’” Archive


Orange Amps – “INTERVIEW: WATA OF BORIS” (English and Japanese) Archive

Trebelzine – “Rock Therapy: An interview with Boris” Archive

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