Boris Have Announced That a New Album Has Been Completed

Today, a public announcement was made that a new album was completed. This is following the release of several photos and videos of the band working in studio.

Lyrics: “Away from You”

I can’t wait any longer
I’ll see you in my dreams
You won’t chase after me

Away from you

I’m tired of saying
I’ve had enough

Away from you

I still feel affection for you
Each and every night
And then it’s gone
I pursue you 

Away from you

I realize the mistake I’ve made 

Away from you

I distance myself from you
But I’m carrying the weight
Of an unfinished recompense

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Fun Fact: At One Point, New Album Were Available for Purchase

New Album Men's Underwear (pre-order JAPAN begins 7/30)SIZE 2: WAIST 30~33" / 76~84cmSIZE 3: WAIST 33~37" / 84~94cm

Posted by Boris on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

While these New Album-styled briefs are no longer available for sale, they were sold through Inoxia Records at one point. It is rumored that these briefs increase one’s chance for romantic success.