Announced Today” Boris’s Cover of “Boris” on Vinyl and New Merch

In a flurry of news announcements, Boris revealed that they are releasing their studio cover of the Melvins song “Boris,” which they are named after.

900 copies will be made, 800 on purple vinyl through Holy Mountain Printing (on sale now) and 100 copies on red vinyl will be sold through the Heavy Rock Party fanclub on nydcollection’s website (release date has not yet been confirmed as of this posting). All copies are single-sided and feature a design on the B-side.

New merch was made available through Holy Mountain printing today, including a new facemask, LOVE & EVOL flag, and new t-shirts.

It was also announced that Heavy Rock Party fan club members will soon be able to purchase copies of the Phenomenons Drive limited edition picture disc and “orange crush” vinyl, which were released by Dog Knights earlier this month.

This site will be posting more frequent news updates in the future. For now, is not being advertised or promoted to the public, as it is still being built.

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